Paul is immediately attracted to Carla but his attempts to transform the attraction into a relationship hits a snag until an unremarkable remark sets off an unexpected chain reaction. It begins when Carla makes a routine complaint: They aren't getting a day off work for Veterans Day. While Paul is not exactly a Veterans Day Scrooge, Carla is dismayed by his unsympathetic and apathetic response to her complaint. Enthusiastic, creative, and inspired by Dickens, she makes it her mission to turn him around. Will Paul open his heart and mind to the information and inspiration Carla prepares for him? Will you?

From the author's postscript: "I believe that most of us Americans appreciate our Veterans. I also believe that our appreciation is, in many cases, not as deep as it ought to be, and that our appreciation is too often under-expressed. It is my hope that Veterans Date will help remedy this deficiency."

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